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Our Ethics and Philosophy



We do not believe in breeding just for the sake of breeding. Every litter is a planned litter with the intent of improving the breed with certain criteria. The dogs are matched to improve each other. We always try to have a waiting list of homes for our puppies before we do a breeding. We belong to Clubs and Organizations with our different breeds. (Conformation Showing, Earth Dog, Fly Ball, Obedience, Meet Ups etc.)We do not force our dogs to compete in anything that they don't enjoy. 

We do not breed, like SOME (yes I said some, not all) show,back yard, and colored breeders, lots and lots of dogs just to get that one perfect or hottest selling colored one. To us that is as irresponsible as an un-ethical breeder. Many show dog get has ended up in the pounds and rescues, right along with backyard and puppy mill puppies. If you watch our site you will see most of our breedings are from Black/White dogs, or from a Colored Dogs to  Black/white, Red/White Colored Factored Dogs. We do this to try to give our puppies the highest chance of not having Dilute Alopecia, a hair condition that can lead to skin conditions in Dilute Colored Dogs (Blue, Lilac/Champagne). The Chances of Alopecia are higher in Dogs that are generations of Dilute to Dilute Dogs bred together. Most of the time you cannot tell that a puppy will develope this as an adult, so by not breeding Dilute to Dilute is one way to try to prevent this. Beware when they do not show who the parents of the puppies are. A lot of times they do not show them as they do not want it seen how many times they are breeding the female and male over and over again.

Beware of Breeders who change the "Over All Plans" of their programs, from saying "we only sell limited registration" to advertising what colors their puppies carry for with full registration, to attract who ever they can to buy their puppies. Mass producing colored puppies, by breeding all their dogs to produce only colored puppies, and catering to breeders for their money, knowing they are putting hundreds of puppies into breeding homes, without health testing their dogs, and not breeding to improve faults. 

Seems to me, in my humble opinion, that most are cashing in on Boston Terrier colors for the money, and then when they have flooded the market, and prices go down, they will be onto the next, new, hot color in other breeds to sell. Yes, their websites look  and sound good, but the History of the breeding programs are the facts.

All of our dogs are registered in at least one of the main Registries, most are multi registered. The AKC ( American Kennel Club) and or ACA (American Canine Assoc.), CKC Continental Kennel Club,  UKC (United Kingdom Kennel Club) or the UCA (United Canine Assoc.)

 We are currently getting our health certifications required for our different breeds.  OFA Patellas, BAER, CERF. and Juvenile Hereditary Cataract AHT. Some of our dogs cannot be certified yet as they are not old enough to be tested, and it does cost a lot money to have them done, but we are chipping away at it. Watch our site and you will notice every couple of months new postings of Health Testing done on our dogs. Our Goal is to have all of our dogs B.A.E.R,  CERF, and OFA Petellas by the end of 2009, as well as JHC DNA'd and Color DNA'd. If our dogs do not pass any of these exams they will be fixed and placed in good homes, or just stay here as our pets, or compete in other venues.

We will not let our puppies go home with their new owners until they are at least 8 weeks old. We can then ensure they have had 2 shots and worming. We also believe they need to stay with their Mother and Siblings until this age for mental well being.

We will not breed any dog that shows any kind of bad, aggressive, disposition, mental instability or bad conformation flaws, no matter HOW Pretty they are.  We strive to improve the breed with every breeding.

Even though we have our own males, we do NOT believe in the practice of breeding every female we have to the same male, or to our males just because we have them so it will save us a stud fee. We match our girls up with boys that will improve them, and produce better puppies. If that means we must breed to outside boys for the betterment of the breed and our dogs,  we will choose to do that, instead of the most in~ expensive way of breeding to a boy we own here. 

We also are VERY picky who we will let breed to our boys, IF ANYONE. The female must compliment the boy and IMPROVE with the breeding (sorry but I must keep repeating that). We will not breed to outside females just for COLOR.

We sell 99% of our puppies with Limited (no breeding rights) Registration, unless we are confident the new owner is an ethical breeder with a like program for improving, health testing, and competing with their dogs.  With Full Registration if granted we will co own the puppy for a length of time.

All of our puppies are raised in our home not out in a kennel building. They are brought into our living space to hang out or just run a muck having fun. There is always some one here. Our adult dogs are rotated between our house and our big cement kennel runs, which have a filtered misting system, doggie pools for the summer, snake fencing, bird netting, and warm dog houses with soft furry blankets, or nice, warm, comfy, kennel building with heat and air, for the winter. All of our short haired dogs are brought inside at night in the winter, some wear warm jackets. On really hot days in the summer everyone is brought inside during the heat of the day and kept in the Air Con. There is always a dog or two to sleep in our bed, keeping us warm in the Winter and company in the Summer. :0) Yes, we do have nice Kennel runs. When Breeders say they are not kennels, and have quite a few dogs, (you can count them on their websites, and believe me they are not showing them all, have been told this by a few of them personally) it is funny to me. They can make up all the stories they want, they are Kennels. Apples are Apples and Oranges are Oranges. Why not just be truthful? There is no shame in having Kennels for your dogs, as long as EVERYTHING is perfect for the dogs, and their care.  Much better than trying to claim you have more than 17 dogs living in the house, work full time, have a life, and on and on.  

We feed premium food, have clean surroundings, fresh water, have a regular shot and worming programs, toys and stimulation for brain and character development and most of all LOVE and ATTENTION for all of our animals.

We encourage our puppy buyers to take their puppies to obedience class. Even though our puppies are sold limited registration (not for breeding)we encourage our puppy buyers to spay and neuter their pups. Even if they want a nice family companion dog and don't see the need to fix them for whatever reason. No need to keep them whole and have any accidents. We will put limited registration on ALL puppies with health or conformation flaws that can be seen or known. 

All puppies come with a puppy pack including a toy that the puppy chooses, a bag of food for easy transitioning, health guarn., health records and information sheets on crate training, potty training, introducing the puppy to other animals in the family, the health and well being of their puppy, precautions on Parvo transmition and nutrition. We encourage our new puppy buyers to take their puppies to obedience classes, to follow up on all immunizations and check ups, to spay and neuter as soon as their Vet says is safe, to feed a premium food, advise on safe treats and toys, and encourage to make sure the puppies get good exercise. 

We support Breed Rescues and would NEVER EVER TAKE A DOG TO THE POUND!!!!