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Please Help Stop California's Bill AB 250

Mandatory Spay and Neuter For all Cats and Dogs in CA


I have never wanted this website to be a political forum, but I urge all who read this, to please either sign the petition or call your Senator, Congressman and Govenor to stop this.

I totally agree Something must be done about the over breeding of pets by Puppy/Cat Mills, Back Yard Breeders, and Puppy/Cat Brokers importing sick and underaged animals to California, BUT by making it making it Mandatory for everyone to Spay/Neuter their animals is NOT the solution.

It will only discourage a few from breeding, group together and punish those who are doing it the right way, with those who do not. The real offenders will not be stopped. This is also an attack on our personal rights as American Citizens! What will be next ? They will tell you how many kids you can have? Sounds outrages doesn't it, but remember it has already been happening in China for many, many years.

I will post my ideas for helping the situation after the information about how you can help. I thank you for reading and helping to not make a bad situation worse.

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By the narrowest of margins, California Senate Bill 250, the mandatory spay and neuter bill, yesterday passed out of the Senate with a bare minimum majority of 21 votes. The bill now goes on the Assembly.

This statewide California mandatory spay and neuter bill supported by HSUS and PETA is irresponsible and inhumane legislation and we need your help to defeat this bill and protect our pets. Let me be very clear: SB 250 will result in more dogs and cats being killed and cost taxpayers millions.

Please sign the petition and contribute to help stop SB 250, the mandatory spay and neuter bill.

The major television stations and newspapers are all reporting on PetPAC’s effort to stop SB 250. But we are being outspent by our opponents including HSUS and PETA who are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to lobby for mandatory spay and neuter and to eliminate pet owners rights.

We will continue to keep you updated and will be holding a rally against mandatory spay and neuter at the State Capitol in the weeks ahead. Please help us today by signing the petition and making a contribution.


Bill Hemby

P.S. Please ask at least one friend to sign our petition also. Thank you.


My solution to the overpopulation of dogs/cats, and the stopping of puppy mills, back yard breeders and brokers

This is long so I am sorry. Also is not totally finished. If you have any ideas to add please email me @


Ok so here in CA like many other States there are Bills calling for Madatory Spay and Neuter of all dogs and cats, unless you meet certain requirements(that can change anytime) that may or may not be granted to you, a hefty fee to be able to produce one litter and then still the Mandatory S/N after that, to prevent the over abundance of animals (sick or well) in the pounds and in the streets.
Of course most are opposed to this Bill, but acknowledge that there must be something done.
I am opposed to it for many reasons, here are a few.

It puts ethical reputable breeders on the same level as those who are not.
It is not going to stop the importation of puppies from other states, some sickly,some from puppy mills or puppymillish breeding practises, some too young, into our petstores, the backyard brokers pretending to sell them for a "good friend", or those who dont fix their animals, let them run the streets and if they get picked up dont claim them but go right out and get another.

When I look at the pages and pages of puppies on puppyfind, and other advertising, internet or otherwise it saddens me, but what saddens me more is the attitudes and answers these breeders give you when you call them and ask questions about their puppies or programs. I have seen puppies sold for as cheap as $25 and when asked why are they selling them so low, they say they have too many litters and need to make room for the next ones so they have to go. When asked why they are breeding more if they can not sell what they have you get the "you dont walk in my shoes" blahh blahh blahh attitudes. Then the pet stores buying purebreds from the big brokers and suppliers, with fixed birthdates for them being too young, for $65 female chocolate lab specials and on up, bringing in sick pups and pumping them full of meds, not buying from local reputable breeders because they wont make the 500% profit margin the make on the broker dogs. The back yard breeders who want their kids to see the miricle of birth, they have a good dog that is nice to everyone, it was an accident for the 5th time in a row and on and on.

The only way to stop this I feel is to hit them in the Selling of these puppies, and that can be done with just a few requirements that will stop those not ethical,responsible and dedicated.
Here is a rough draft that I have been working on as an alternative to Mandatory Spay and Neutering to stop overpopulation and sickly animals . I would love your constructive comments on this and if anyone would like to join in on this please do.

Dear Sir,
Although I am opposed to your Mandatory Spay/Neuter Bill AB1634, I do agree that something must be done to prevent the over population of Pets in our Shelters, and Euthanasia of these unwanted pets should be curbed. I look thru the ads of puppies and kittens for sale on the internet and advertising papers and it saddens me. I have called and talked to some of them just to see how responsible and ethical they were. To my amazement only 1 of 10 had a good program with healthy, well bred animals. The rest were back yard, puppy mill mentalities, with no clue other than making a quick buck. Also I found out that there are brokers bringing in puppies by the Van loads from other states, selling them cheap, with no money invested, out of their back yards, to turn a quick buck. As an Ethical, Responsible Pet owner this sickens me. I have some pretty good, solid ideas on how it can be stopped, or at least radically slow down the overpopulation of unwanted and sickly pets. The best way to do this, is to put the Puppy mills, Back Yard, and irresponsible Breeders out of business, and promote Educational; Ethical Breeding of Health tested Animals, with some requirements for Pet Stores, all Dog and Cat Breeders, Shelters in our State of California, and our State Advertising Agencies.
A ~Shelters/Rescues
1. All Dogs and Cats adopted out of the pounds/rescues should be fixed before they can go to new homes.
2. All people who turn in litters of puppies and kittens should be given a voucher to fix their parent animals at home, with a time frame of 2 months, so they cannot get pregnant again, and check up to see that this is done.
3. If a dog is a habitual runner of the neighborhood and is picked up 3 times and is intact, then spay or neuter must be done before the animal can go back home.
4. Any animal reported to have a biting or harming any person or animal, must be required to be fixed to be released from quarantine with the exception of Police or working dogs.
B ~ Pet Stores- If they are ethical and responsible they won’t object
1. All Pet Stores should be required to buy from IN State Breeders of Health tested Animals (I will explain what I mean by health testing under breeders). This will stop the interstate travel and transport of sickly puppies and kittens from Puppy Mills back East. All puppies/kittens should be sold with LIMITED– Not For Breeding -Registration and sold with a spay/neuter voucher or contract.
2. All Pet Stores should be required to provide Copies the Health Tests that have been done on Both Parents of each puppy, or kitten they sell. This will help to ensure the puppies and kittens are coming from stock tested for the major problems of their breed and haven’t been stress by shipping from other states, causing them to be less likely to break with stress related health and behavioral problems.
3. All Pet Store owners or anyone in the business of selling pets, should be required to attend and be documented ,as going to a yearly or Bi/Yearly Educational Pet Conference with Seminars on breeding, vaccinations and health, and any of the latest findings on the Pet Industry (the State of MO already requires this of their Pet Industry and it is a wonderful program that will benefit all. I am looking into forming a Chapter here in CA)

C. California Breeders-If they are ethical and responsible they won’t object.
1. All Breeders (this includes anyone who produces one puppy or kitten) should be required to do the specific health testing on all breeding dogs or cats, that is major problems for the breed. For Example,
Boston Terriers –CERF, OFA Patella’s, BAER Tests, Juvenile Cataract DNA
Dobermans- CERF, OFA HIPS AND ELBOWS, VWD, Epilepsy
Collies-PRA, CERF, Epilepsy
Dachshunds-PRA, Intervertebral Disk Disease, Epilepsy, Hemi vertebrae
There is a list for every Dog breed/Cat Breed, and in a nutshell the testing is for Eyes, Ears, Blood Disorders, Hip and Leg problems, Back Problems and on and on.
2. All breeders should be selling 95% or more of their puppies and kittens with Limited-Not for Breeding-Registration.
3. Documentation on the parent Dog or Cat’s health testing results should be available for anyone who purchases a puppy/kitten from Breeder.
4. All puppies and kittens sold from California Breeders should come with a health guarantee, and contract. One provision in the contract should be that if the buyer cannot at anytime keep the said puppy or kitten, they are to contact the buyer to help place the puppy/kitten in a new good home or take the animal back for placement.
5. No Puppy or Kitten should be allowed to go to new home until 8 weeks for puppy and 12 weeks for a kitten, and they should have a required 2 shots and worming, before leaving. Buyer must receive all documentation of this.
6. All Dog and Cat breeders should be required and be documented as to attending a Yearly or Bi Yearly Pet Seminars on Health, Vaccinations, Kennel Management, and etc. (see above under pet stores).
7. Must show proof that THEY bred the dog and had the litter here in California. No importing from other states and selling the puppies on line advertising, I call them Back Yard Brokers, turning a quick buck from people over breeding in other states, sold with no money invested and no health guaranties, no history and no parentage of health tested animals.
If the breeder is responsible they already do these practices. It does cost quite a sum for the breeder to do the health testing, but helps to lessen the chance of breeding animals with health problems and behavioral problems. I have thousands in vested in making sure my dogs are all health tested. Instead of charging a fee to have an unaltered breeding animal, the fee’s for testing will cost far more, but be far more beneficial in the long run.
D. Our Advertising Agencies
1. All Papers and any Publications that advertise Puppies and Kittens must require proof of the parents of the animal’s Health Testing results, or the offspring cannot be advertised. This goes for all INTERNET advertising that advertises animals ,that go to the State of California for example Craig’s list, Hoobly, Dukes Post, Kiijji,,, nextday, and all internet venues for any local papers to name a few.
IN Short I feel if we implement these few things, we can greatly impact the sale of unhealthy pets, unethical and uneducated breeding, Pet stores bringing in Puppy Mill Animals, Back Yard Brokers, and can curb the euthanasia of unwanted and sickly animals in our State. We don’t have to charge breeders or Pet Owners to have unaltered dogs, but in exchange see them spend their money in Health Testing the animals they have, is a win-win situation and will cut down the back yard unethical breeder, who can be worse than the State governed Puppy Mill operations, by not being able to advertise the puppies/kittens from their irresponsible Breeding Programs . You will also be able to incur revenue by fines for violations of these requirements that would be far more than just depending on people to follow thru with fixing their pets. You will be able to enforce this by volunteers policing the ads looking for violators. There are already people doing this on ads like Craigslist. By requiring Pet Stores to be educated, and Shelters to Spay/Neuter, and Breeders to health test, and be educated, sell healthy, well adjusted puppies/kittens with no breeding registrations, we can do our pets justice, as well as save the State of California Lots of Money. This plan will cut back on the excess of animals in the Pet Industry ,help put the puppy mills and back yard breeders out of business, but more importantly help the animals that are being neglected, abused, turned loose, mass produced or put to sleep.
Thank you for reading my plan to help California’s Pets.