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Colored Bostons are the Bomb          BOSTON BABY BUDDIES  






                                                         OUR Wonderful Sport Dogs



 our RED, WHITE and BLUES!!!



 Please remember to

 THANK  our

Service Men, Women, Animals and Families!!!!

Freedom does not come for free !!


part of the song "God Bless The USA"

by Lee Greenwood








                                                                                       That I'm proud to be an American,
                                                                                       where at least I know I'm free.
                                                                                     And I wont forget the men who died,
                                                                                              who gave that right to me.

And I gladly stand up,
next to you and defend her still today.
‘Cause there ain't no doubt I love this land,
God bless the USA.

't                      nd

                            Potter's First Run                                               Lilah's First Run

Paris 2nd class

            The All Colored Boston Terrier Fly Ball Team is in the Making!!!


     Around here we LOVE our Blue, Lilac, Cream, Red, Black/White, Fawn and Brindle Bostons! 

Colored Bostons and Traditional Boston Terriers 



My Aunties Joanne and Joyce in the 1930's,
with one of my Great Grampa's Show Boston Terriers.
He bred Boston Terriers for over 20 years

         JR. Marine ROTC Drill Team!!!!!!!!!!

                          PROUD MOM OF A JR. MARINE







Lucy at Mono Lake on our Road Trip

"Here I am to save the day"



We have a new Boston Baby Buddies' STAR!

Chum has done a Microsoft Commercial,

and now stars in the new Sitcom


starting Sept 25th 2012

Chum has done advertising for


Chum is now in episodes of

Hot In Cleveland!


 Be sure to watch two of our Puppies, 

"Killer" and "Scooter" in the episode "PUPPY LOVE" on

Gene Simmons Family Jewels

on the A & E Channel.

you can watch it on line too


 Beautiful Blue Lola and Pearl Scooter making their TV Debut

Beautiful Lola "AKA Killer"  at 6 months old she is a teenager living at home with her new Mom


Lola's Blue Brother Rocco watching her debut on TV


My daughter and Sydney as a puppy

Things don't always have to be in Black and White


The Colored Boston

Copyright J Kalayjian

These are our colors, What can I say?

To the simple minded people, who want them to go away


The Beauty, the Richness, the Hues in the Sun 

To hope for in each litter, waiting to see is such Fun!


The smiles of the people, who have never seen

The comments of the jealous, who can be so Mean


So deep into the History, of the Boston Breed

Some will accept them, some do breed for with GREED!


The colors have been there, since the start

Now they are treasured, preserved by those with Heart


To Improve, to Love, to Learn and Educate 

Making sure they are here to stay, not letting any Irradicate


For those of you who love them, just like me

Be Happy, Be Proud,  Show them off with Glee!


Our Bostons, Our Babies, Man's Best Friend

Colored Bostons FOREVER, they are also  The AMERICAN GENTLEMEN!!  


My daughter and Cinder as a puppy





We were there to promote Color Education, ACBT Club Awareness, UCA Colored Boston Conformation Shows and Health Testing Avocation!!!

(we also were happy to see some familiar faces and get some doggies kisses from one of our furkids)


 Show  in Dewey Arizona Nov 6 & 7th 2009

Show Results for Sat Nov 6th


1. Scooter took ~first place in Sr. Males

2. Lucy ~ first place in Vet. Females

3. Paris ~ 2nd place in Sr. Females

4. Fawn Buddy ~ first place in Vet. Males

5. Black/white Buddy ~ third place in Sr. Males


Lucy at the Show~ nice free Stack


WE Showed in Buckeye Arizona for the 2nd and 3rd UCA Colored Boston Terrier Show

Jan. 17th and 18th, 2009 at the Buckeye Equestrian Center

Hosted by the



coming soon

Our Little Lucy in the Middle. "Best All Around Female" Jan. 17th, UCA Colored Boston Terrier Show Arizona

Ribbons won by SCOOTER, FAWN BUDDY and LUCY


Boston Baby Buddies and the All Color Boston Club  is hosting

 A B.A.E.R. Test Clinic at the Show 


22 Dogs TESTED, Say Yes to Boston Breeders who health test !!! WAY TO GO COLORED BOSTON BREEDERS!!!!!!


“Pedigree indicates what an animal should be.
Conformation indicates what the animal appears to be.
But, Performance indicates what the animal actually is.”
Health is the basis of all
Author Unknown

INTRODUCING "Our Deegan is a Real Casonova"

Deegan is one of the Stars of the

Dreamworks/Nickelodeon Movie coming out to Theaters Jan. 16th


Deegan plays a Girl Dog named GEORGIA



Deegan loves all the action Scenes, especially when he flew thru the air with his BIG BONE! 

Filming in front of the GREEN SCREEN

We saw The Movie and DEEGY stole the SHOW :0)

Deegan is in a new Movie with Jenifer Lopez Called

"The Back UP Plan"  in Theaters Now


 Dont be shy!! Ya'all come back now!   




We love TOYS!


And that is what we think about people who don't like ALL COLORS of Boston Terriers!!!

Proud Member of the All Color Boston Terrier Club

This Website is Dedicated to 2 people I loved Very Much

Who Both had Boston Terriers when they were young!


My Father, Who's Love of Animals was Passed on to me. He is in Heaven taking care of all our beloved Pets that Crossed the Rainbow Bridge before us, and I am sure is the #1 Pooper Scooper in the Heavenly Barns!  My Dad went Home Nov 28 2007



My Mother in Law of 20 years. She is in Heaven with her beloved Doxie Heidi keeping her toes warm under the covers at night, and my sister in law's beloved little Doxie Molly!

She went home Jan 12th, 2009

























 My niece Baylea singin her song